What is this?

This is a DIY kit to completely and fully replace your aging or dead Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery (a.k.a. Traction Battery) with brand new battery modules, bus-bars, battery wiring harness, and interconnects. You retain your original metal enclosure and hybrid ECU.

Will this work with my Vehicle?

This is meant for Generation-2 Toyota Prius vehicles, model years 2004 through 2009. We also have kits available for Generation-1 (2001-2003) and Generation-3 (2010-2015) available with request. These modules will work in any number of Toyota and other makes that use the same Panasonic battery design, but the wiring kit is specific to the Prius. With extra (and non-supported) DIY, you could potentially make it work with many more vehicles.

Brand New Batteries

Not a refurb or rebuild. These are brand new modules fresh out of the factory and have never been in a vehicle. ZERO miles driven.

Superior Design

Cylindrical cells, half the battery modules, and all the same functionality. Upgrade your Hybrid Pack today!

Factory Warranty

A 2 year or 25,000 mile warranty on the modules. Fleet vehicles included.

How Much?

For $1600 and 4 hours of installation time, you will get a brand new hybrid battery backed by a 2-year or 25,000 mile warranty including fleet vehicles. There is nothing comparable out there. All other options that are not original Toyota Hybrid packs, are used modules. Some are refurbished and/or balanced to be better matched with one another, but they are still all used batteries from wrecked, salvaged, totalled, or other failed Prius vehicles. In contrast these batteries from NewPriusBatteries.com are brand new and never used. When you start driving on your new pack, it starts with zero miles on it, just like a brand new Prius from the factory.

The Smarter Financial Investment

Don't waste your money on refurbished or remanufactured batteries. The only real solution to repair your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery is to replace the entire pack. Anything else is a temporary band-aid, akin to playing the game whack-a-mole. Why spend the same money to put in used modules inside a refurbished pack instead of buying new modules from us?

Doing the Math

Our batteries at NewPriusBatteries.com are the smartest choice for any Toyota Prius needing a Hybrid Battery pack replacement.

Prices listed below are what you will pay at the counter. In all cases except for our battery, you will be charged a core exchange fee, that you get back after they receive your old battery back in acceptable condition. Toyota dealerships are hesitant to sell the average consumer a hybrid battery over the parts counter, and most will refuse you service unless you get them to do the installation as well. All prices below are for the Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Pack itself, no installation included. A dealer will not install a remanufactured or refurbished battery. Most independent shops will only install full units. Ours is a kit, and requires opening the battery to replace/swap components. Any hybrid battery rebuilder service in your area should be able to do this work. Prices vary greatly throughout the country and for if you want it to be done in a shop or in your driveway.

Dorman Battery


$2400 - These packs are assembled and tested by Dorman by using a large inventory of used modules. Careful pairing of used modules attempts to create a balanced pack, but the modules may be of any age with any amount of mileage on them. A used battery in a pretty case.

$950 core charge included in price.

Best Toyota Price


$3450 - This is a brand new Toyota battery, using genuine original parts ordered from a dealer without installation. If they will actually sell it to you over the counter, there are only a handful of dealers in the country that are willing to honour this price.

$1350 core charge included in price.

Normal Toyota Price


$3939 - This is a brand new Toyota battery, using genuine original parts ordered from a dealer without installation. If they will actually sell it to you over the counter, this is the average price you will be charged.

$1350 core charge included in price.

New Prius Batteries.com


$1600 - This is our brand new aftermarket battery, using brand new modules without installation. Individually serialized, lab tested, performance crafted.

$0 core charge. There is NO core charge, you keep your original Toyota battery.

Innovating Where Others Haven't

Half the battery modules, cylindrical in design, backwards compatible. The perfect solution for a replacement Prius battery pack.


The NewPriusBatteries.com Hybrid Battery is different than an original Toyota Hybrid Battery, but it is made to be interchangeable. The largest differences and features are highlighted below

Half the Modules

An original Toyota pack uses 28 modules paired into 14 blocks. We've simplified the design and now you just need 14 larger modules making the same 14 blocks

Fully Compatible

Designed to be 100% backwards compatible with the original modules. Uses the same wire connectors, same mounting, same temperature sensors, same enclosure.

Factory Warranty

A 2 year or 25,000 mile warranty on the modules

Cylindrical Cells

These cells are shaped like a series of large D-Cell batteries instead of the rectangular bricks of the original.

New Bus Bars

The kit comes complete with new solid metal bus-bars to connect adjacent modules together, new nuts, and new wiring.

No Core Charge

When you order, you get your battery pack kit. There is no extra charge for a core, and no deposit required. Your old parts can be saved or sold to offset the cost.

Standard Installation Flow

These kits are no more difficult to install than a standard battery swap. In fact, it is recommended to follow one of the many YouTube videos of how to disassemble your 2004-2009 Toyota Prius [Contact Us for Gen1 (2001-2003) and Gen3 kits (2010-2015)] to access the Hybrid Battery and to put it back together.

Disassemble Prius to Access Hybrid Battery

This involves removing the false floor, some interior plastic panels, and disconnecting the rear seats. All can be done with a socket wrench and a screw-driver. A power-drill is recommended with a socket attachment to make life easier. Average time for a first-time disassemble is roughly 1 hour. An experienced rebuilder can usually do this within 5-10 minutes.

Remove Hybrid Battery from Vehicle

This is a heavy part, it is best to have help. You will need to access the bottom of the pack, so it does need to be fully removed. It cannot be worked on in the car.

Disassemble Original Hybrid Battery

Remove the cover, remove the battery nuts, remove the bus bars, disconnect the venting, disconnect the temperature sensors, remove the tension bar, and end up with the shell of a battery. Since there is no core charge, you are welcome to keep your old modules or to sell them on eBay for others venturing to make refurbished used packs to help offset the cost of your brand new pack! Remember if you ever intend to extract a core exchange fee, you will need your original modules at this time.

Assemble NewPriusBatteries.com Brand New Hybrid Traction Pack

Line up your modules in serial order. Each of the 14 modules is marked from #1 through #14, and put them in order. Attach the bus-bars, battery nuts, and new wiring harness. Move battery to original enclosure. Attach temperature sensors via included clips. Attach modules from the bottom to the original battery enclosure. Complete the wiring, and put the cover back on the battery. That's it! Average time for a first install is about 1 hour if you are taking your time.

Re-Install Hybrid Battery in Vehicle

Again, this is a heavy part and it is best to have help. Carefully place the newly assembled battery back into the Prius.

Reassemble the Prius

Now it is time to put all the bolts, screws, and plastic panels that make up the rear of Prius back together. This may take an hour for a first time builder, again 5-10 minutes for an experienced installer.

Complete Install

Make sure to latch the orange safety interconnect back in-place (it can be tricky!) and READY the vehicle. If you have codes, it is best to clear them before driving. Your brand new battery is now installed and should be trouble free and worry free for a very long time. You also have the peace of mind that your brand new battery from NewPriusBatteries.com is fully warranted for 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. In the unlikely event of a warranty replacement, we will send you a new battery module for you to install.

Included in the Kit

The NewPriusBatteries.com Prius Battery Kit requires some installation. If you are not comfortable working with high voltage DC, any hybrid battery installer local to your area should be able to provide the service for you, and the installer may contact us with any questions.

14 Cylindrical Battery Modules

The life-blood of your Hybrid Battery Pack.

Bus-Bars and Nuts

Solid metal bus-bars and nuts to connect the battery modules together and to the enclosure.

Wiring Harness

A new wiring harness to connect to each of the 14 modules, the safety interconnect, and the HV ECU.

Mounting Screws

To secure the battery modules to the original Toyota metal enclosure.

Battery Module Spacers

Orange High Voltage plastic spacers to secure the battery modules.

Battery Module Covers

Orange High Voltage plastic covers to limit exposed high voltage connections.

Temperature Sensor Mounts

Three plastic clips that secure the original temperature sensors to the new battery modules

Customer Support Email

If you have questions before, during, or after your installation feel free to contact us.

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